Who We Are

Austria’s Kill The Lycan makes intense metal music that reflects the challenging times in which we live. The band’s songs are meant for those moments when true human emotions are pushed aside in our often-isolating society. Kill The Lycan’s critically-acclaimed debut album, Rhea, brings listeners the message that music can help each of them conquer the difficulties of modern living and build them into better people. Tracks like “Gaia” and “Chaos” are strong reminders of where we are as a planet and what we still need to become.

Kill The Lycan began in 2010 and nailed down its present and best lineup in 2018. Together, they create melodic, dynamic tracks that go from clean vocals and acoustic guitars to powerhouse breakdowns and fast-paced hardcore passages. This sound has connected with fans all over the world and the band has achieved hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and other major platforms. Savvy metalheads will also recognize vocalist Chris Breetzi from his successful YouTube channel VokillCovers, which has over 64,000 subscribers and is one of the most popular metal cover channels online.

The members of Kill The Lycan are all close friends on- and offstage and this allows them to put on live shows full of energy, heaviness, and humor that win over every new crowd they face. The group is influenced by The Ghost Inside, Architects, Killswitch Engage but displays the artistry required to always remain in its own space. Kill The Lycan is ready to break out to a much larger audience and pass the word that people don’t need to be ashamed of what they feel. No matter who you are or what’s happened: You are not alone.


Just send us a message via InstagramFacebook or office@killthelycan.com. We’re happy to talk with you about shows, interviews or any other topic that you have on your mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us!